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Why this blog?

Published on 2019-01-05, last update on 2019-01-06

I've wanted to create a blog for a long time, mostly to share my knowledge in web development, but either by laziness or a form of the impostor syndrome, I never did it.

During the past year, we hired new senior developers at Allomedia, the company I'm working for. Working and chatting daily with them made me more confident about what I can bring to other developers and realize that we have all lived something in our professional or personnal life which is worth sharing, because it will tech something to someone.

Sure, many people won't learn anything, but do you remember your beginnings in learning language A or B, or even the days spent looking for an answer to your problem on Stackoverflow (only to find out you missed a semicolon)? Far from everybody is that super-skilled-developer which make you sweat each time he reviews one of your PRs!

Another thing which motivated me to start this blog, was the realization that sharing information to other people - which is a form of mentoring, or teaching - improve you own skills. People who read your blog ask you questions, and sometimes question what you say, which forces you to do more research on the subject you are talking about, and thus, makes you better in this subject.

Finally, if you are looking for a new job, writing articles in blog can be a good way to give you visibility, and to show your expertise fields to your future employer.